Facebook Cover Maker

Are you struggling to increase the number of fans for your Facebook page? Do you need to update your Facebook Cover photo frequently for your company marketing campaigns? Do you lack the budget to hire a professional graphic designer to help you with your designs? If you are facing these problems, JoinDesign can help you!

Designing Facebook cover image or banner in JoinDesign is super easy. Our free online Facebook Cover Maker offers a user-friendly drag and drop function that allows you to select your favorite templates, images, fonts, and color. You are able to design eye-catching Facebook covers in a few minutes and use it for free.

Design a Fresh New Facebook Cover

By using the powerful design tool of JoinDesign, you can create stunning Facebook cover images anytime you update your page. Whether you are a page administrator for a company Facebook account or for your own page, JoinDesign can provide you the best collection of design elements.

JoinDesign: easy-to-use

  1. Login JoinDesign, and then choose “Facebook Cover”.
  2. Choose your favourite Facebook cover template.
  3. Upload your own image, or select from our image library.
  4. Edit photo and text.
  5. Save, and upload it to Facebook
Facebook Cover maker

Promote your brand via Facebook

There are billions of active accounts and therefore many opportunities on Facebook. How can you publicize your brand on Facebook effectively? The answer is gorgeous visual content!

You can find plenty of Facebook cover design templates in JoinDesign. We ensure that you are able to find one consistent with the image of your company or your personal style, grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Do not require any design skill

JoinDesign's drag and drop feature helps non-designers create gorgeous Facebook covers. All the images from the library are free to use. By dragging and dropping an image onto the design tool, you can position it to wherever you want and bring your creation to life.

Don’t be frustrated with the image size

Every social media channel has its standard requirement for image dimension, so it is difficult to find an image that exactly fits the requirements. For this reason, our templates are pre-formatted to the required size for each social media channel. If you use our design templates for your Facebook cover, you can avoid oversized or undersized images.
Want to know how JoinDesign creates an attractive Facebook Cover?
Yes. Once you have created an account in JoinDesign, you can use our design tool and resources for free.
You can choose from various kinds of Facebook cover and design elements. All of them can be used repeatedly for free.<br />Choose your favourite one, add the company logo or your own design, and let your Facebook cover advertise your brand.
No! JoinDesign is created for everyone including non-designer. You can use it without any design skill.
Yes! You can. Click the “Share” button, you can send a link via email. They can click the link to access to and edit your Facebook cover.
Facebook Cover Templates