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Creating a winning CV

Creating an attractive and neat CV is the top priority for every job application. Securing a good first impression to potential employers is essential to one's chances of success in their job application. A CV should not only have plain facts such as work experience, education, and academic achievement but also represent the individuality of a candidate, and make one distinguishable from the others. The content is important but a beautiful CV layout design may be the key to giving you an edge over other job seekers. This is where JoinDesign can help!

We provide a collection of well-designed CV templates which would impress your prospective employers. You can find a template that suits you best, no matter what industry you're looking to enter. You can create a stunning CV just in a few minutes. All of our templates and graphic design elements are completely for free, so why not make use of it right now?

Free Resume Templates

  1. Search in our library for a design template that is perfect for your profession and position.
  2. Upload your photo by using our drag and drop feature.
  3. Choose a font that can show your personality for your personal details.
  4. You can add charts or icons to make your CV more professional.
  5. After creating a winning CV, download it in PNG or PDF.

Personalized CV with eye-catching visual elements

The CVs that many ordinary job seekers put forward are boring. However, JoinDesign is here to help you create an outstanding CV. Our professional graphic designers have designed a variety of CV templates and you can choose your favourite. You can customize it by adding your own adorable image, choosing your preferred font and selecting an eye-catching colour. A nice combination of these visual elements can highlight your achievements and abilities on the CV.

Share your resume with friends and family for feedback

Want to further enhance your CV? Sharing it with your friends and family for their comment seems a good idea. By clicking on the “Publish” button in the top right-hand corner, JoinDesign allows you to share your CV via digital platforms such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Your friends and family can access and edit your CV in your JoinDesign account by clicking the link generated. Your CV will be perfect following their feedback!
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Send the CV to your potential employers or Print it!

Once you have created your outstanding CV, you can download it in PNG or PDF format and forward it to your potential employers. You can also print it out with PDF format in case you require a hard copy.

If you want to show your social media channel in CV, please do not hesitate to use a bunch of social media design elements in JoinDesign.
Want to know how JoinDesign helps you create a stunning CV??
JoinDesign does not charge for creating a personalized CV. It is totally free.
JoinDesign does not have limitation on this. You can edit and save the CV template as many times as you like.
Yes! Our platform is highly user friendly. You can upload any logo in JPEG or PNG. Click “Upload an image” button in the “Uploads” tab and choose the image you love. Then you are able to edit your logo.
Click “Publish” in top right hand corner and you can share it with your friends and family via digital platforms such as email. By clicking the link generated, they are able to access to and edit your CV in JoinDesign.

CV/Resume Templates

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CV templates
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