Business Card Designs

Business cards are a symbol of your identity and help you meet more potential customers. Business Cards can be easily design with JoinDesign. JoinDesign is a design platform with drag-and-drop features. Everyone, including professional designers and non-designers, can easily design amazing business cards. JoinDesign has a variety of business card design templates that showcase different personality and professionalism. No matter what your job is, we always have a template that fits your mind. Do you think JoinDesign is very attractive? Look down to understand how to use it.

Create your customized name card

  1. Go to JoinDesign and press "Business Card Template".
  2. Choose the business card template you like.
  3. Upload your logo and image in the toolbar on the left, or use our images.
  4. Place the image onto the template on the right, select the text type, and enter your personal details.
  5. Save, share or download.
  6. Ready to print.
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Create your brand name card

JoinDesign knows that the brand of your company is very important to you.Therefore, we provide a simple business card design platform to help you design your cards easily, save costs and time, effectively promote the company's brand and increase exposure.
Even if you are not a designer, you can also make impressive business cards.Business cards are an important weapon in the business world, and we hope that JoinDesign will be your best weapon.
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Show up your design

In addition to providing a design platform, JoinDesign also helps you print out the business cards you design. We present your ideas with high-quality printing service and paper. We guarantee that your business cards will be printed perfectly at an affordable price, and will be delivered to your home on time.
Want to know how JoinDesign improve your performance in social media?
The standard size of business card template is 90 x 55mm, which is able to show all your important personal details.
JoinDesign is completely free. No matter how many materials you use, we do not charge you any fee.
JoinDesign does not limit the number of downloads.
Yes, JoinDesign accepts JPEG, PNG, GIF and other file types.
Press "Publish" in the upper right corner to share the design to social media channels such as Facebook and Linkedin.
Business Card Templates
咭片設計 1
Marble's - Interior design
卡片設計 1
卡片設計 1
Fashion Model
咭片設計 1
Financial advisor agency
卡片設計 1
Wedding planner
卡片設計 1
Don't be shy - Show off your business card
咭片設計 1
卡片設計 1
Event planner