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What colors mean?
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Most of us take colors for granted but not many of us know their meaning.

They are symbolic of feelings, emotion and language.

Now, see what your favorite color means.



Red is an emotional color. It is a color of blood and fire. People always use red to represent love, anger, passion, etc.

In our society, hazardous sign, stoplight and fire equipments are often in red. 

However, the meaning of red can vary in countries.

For example, in China, it is symbolic of blessing but in Russia, it means beauty.



As the color of the sky and sea, blue is symbolic of loyalty, trust, confidence, intelligence, faith and peace. However, people will also associate blue with negative emotion such as sadness and depression.

Blue can give people a calming effect as it can lower metabolic rate of human.

Blue can be special. People use “blue blood” to represent noble descent. It can also be a type of music.



Green is a color greatly associated with nature, safety and harmony.

In this era, people use green to represent environmental friendliness.

In working place, green is used to describe someone who is new and not experienced. So green is youthful.



Yellow is a warm and shinny color, which represents joy, energy and happiness. Therefore, using this colour can produce a cheerful feeling.

Interestingly, it can also symbolize sickness and jealousy.

We will use Yellow journalism to refer irresponsible reporting.



Orange is the mixture of yellow and red so it can represent both passion and joy.

This warm colour is always used to show enthusiasm for life, endurance and strength

Due to its high visibility, designers often use orange to promote toys and candy.



Purple is a mysterious color, which is combined by red and blue.

It is symbolic of nobility, luxury and wealth.

In movie, purple always represent magic and wisdom.

It is creative and imaginative.



White is a color about innocent, purity and virginity.

Although some people think that white is colorless, it is chosen to be a theme color for high tech products, charity and medication.

White also presents spaciousness, which is one of the important design elements.



Being regarded as opposite to white, black represents darkness, evil and death. Regardless of the negative side, it also symbolizes elegance, power and authority.

People always wear in black when they are on formal occasion such as funeral.

In design, black is always used to make contrast to bright color.

Black is also related to something illegal and we have words like blackmail and black market.




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